The Speed Project 4.0

6 RUNNERS – 340 MILES : Los Angeles to Vegas

The Speed ​​Project is a 340 miles relay race from Los Angeles California to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Every team are at least composed of 6 people.

From the Santa Monica pier to the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign this 4th edition was epic !


New record of 35h49min

Bring athletes and friends together around the same purpose. Push our limits to accomplish some extraordinary things.
By working in the brand content industry, our goal is to create content around the race, to showcase and elevate the journey of 6 people, the intensity of the adventure and the mind blowing landscapes.

Charlotte Vigne & Olivier Penpenic

The Runners

Nicolas Dalmasso

29yo, from French riviera, moved in Paris in 2010

``Today I am an Air Traffic controller
For 13 years, I played football in a Club, I loved it but after many injuries & a pretty serious bone fracture I had to put an end to it.

The Track became a peaceful place for me.

Specialist from 10k to Marathon, I now train with the Elite group of Adidas Runner at INSEP (Institute for Sports Elite)

I love to travel, and sport gives me many opportunities to do so.
The Speed project was an obvious & logical choice.``

Nicolas Chemel

27 yo

``After 13 years of playing Rugby, my studies became to demanding to keep on going. I started to run with my father (Family tradition) then I joined my sister T&F club just to see.

After some running here and there, my sister challenges me on Paris Triathlon in 2014.

It was the beginning of 5 years of training, races, dedication and passion.``

Lucie Chemel

29 yo

``Started T&F at 9yo, scouted by the local club. A true passion was born.

I never stopped since then, and my passion took me beyond the track by becoming the Running Brand Manager at Nike.

Many injuries pushed me to start swimming and cycling, and triathlon became an obvious choice. I started in 2014.
I am driven by my passion, my dedication and the support of my husband they have been the key pillars of my successes.``

Emilie Bodenant


``I became a runner very much by mistake.
After my studies, I needed a place where I could release the pressure and escape. Running was the easy choice.
And I discover I was not to bad at it. A t&F club scouted me.

It became my lifestyle, a second skin. I love being outside, the nature and I love the performance aspect of it.

I run first because i love it and that I need it.
In 2015, i became French national champion on 5000m.``

David Binet

35 yo

``Started T&F at age 8.
It’s a true passion, from which it became a job !
Running gave me everything - my wife, my friends and my job.

I am doing everything I can to give back what this passion gave me: love of sports, the values of sharing, humility, and dedication.

Today, I am a sport teacher at school, I am a T&F coach and I lead the Elite group of Adidas runner.
This sport is a mirroring of life, sometimes it’s unfair and difficult but with Hard work, dedication & love you get so much out of it such as joy, satisfaction, results...``

Florent Simon

29 yo

``Running is a father and son story. I started to join him when I was 5.

Then life took me away from this daily routine.
When I had to suddenly take over my father’s company, I had to start running again in order to deal with daily pressure and stress.

I started a new routine, to register to races (Trail, 10k, Half, Marathon, Ultra Trail, ….)

I also realised pretty quickly that I needed to be surrounded by a nice Crew of runners to go farther and reach my goals.``


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